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We are Modest Artificials.
We create architecture,
landscape and design.


We will help you to form your own ideas into a simple and  effective concept, which will reflect your own  life philosophy.

We will create a study for you, based mainly on disposition, original material solution and logical but playful layout of basic shapes. The study includes photorealistic visualisations and videos, so you can easily imagine the final design.



The final study will transmute into all necessary phases of the project documentation, so the main concept of the building will be preserved.

We will make sure all details are secured and we will help you to find the optimal way to construct your vision. We cooperate with the top professionals. Therefore the quality of the construction process is the highest in the industry.


Building permit

The bureaucracy can be painful. So we take care of all the necessary steps. We will help you to find the most effective way to discuss the matter with all concerned authorities. There is nothing better than a mutual consensus. In this step, we will take care of all the documentation, approvals, authorizations, permits and licensing. Final inspection and building permit included.



During this phase, we will guide you through the process of finding the best construction company. Eventually we will offer one of many companies we cooperate with for a long time. We trust them and their quality is beyond measure. During implementation we make sure the construction is executed according to your design solution and we secure the quality via the author’s supervision.

We cooperate only with verified companies and suppliers.



The heart of each project is the interior. One should not forget this fact. It is the space, we live our whole life.

Interior should be designed cleverly and with the emphasis of a detail and individual need.

Only this way can one feel cozy at home. We will gladly design the interior of your home, that will enhance your daily experience.



In commercial and development projects we are able to enhance the importance of the concept and your brand. We can solve the visual identity, logo, social media solution and overall graphic design.

Therefore we can create a coherent and functional product, precisely presenting the architectural and conceptual design of your brand.



We take our experiences from the real world architecture and bring our signature into the metaverse. We design metaverse buildings like NFT galleries, shops, Company Showrooms and even Music Clubs.

We can design buildings across the metaverses such as Somnium Space, Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, Mona, VictoriaVR and others.